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Vorteile und Haupteigenschaften der Linopore Technologie

2021 March 31

Die bei der Masterplast Nonwoven GmbH installierte Linopore Technologie stellt die konsequente Umsetzung der kosteneffizienten inline Kombination des Spinnvliesverfahrens mit dem Herstellungsprozess f...

Einzigartigkeit der BICO Spinnvliestechnologie

2021 March 25

Die qualitativen Eigenschaften von Vliesstoffen und damit ihre Eignung als Problemlösung in den unterschiedlichen Anwendungen sind auch entscheidend von den eingesetzten Polymeren abhängig.

Industrial Solutions

We provide our partners with products of constant quality, together with a comprehensive, complex services package. Our activity is typified by our own manufacturing background and associated services such as professional logistics solutions, continuous quality control, technical background support, and a personalised sales system.

Construction market
Due to the long history and roots in the construction materials, the biggest experience and product portfolio we are offering to our partner... 
Hygienical market
Masterplast serves the requests of the hyginenical partners with specially developped PP or PE spunbonded nonwoven items which are further p... 
Medical market
The usage of spunbonds and nonwoven-based one-way composite materials is getting more and more wide-spread in the healthcare and medical seg... 
Furniture industry and mattresses
The modern furniture and matrass industry is not able to avoid the usage of the nonwoven materials, they are more cost-effective and easy to... 
Automotive market
The PP or PE nonwovens applied in the automotive composite materials always have to meet some special needs: excellent uniformity, high tens... 
Agricultural market
Agricultural nonwoven materials have to cope with the extremities of the outdoor environment, they should have high UV- and abrasion resista... 
Filtration market
Industrial partners of the filtration segment use either the nonwoven materials directly on the filtration equipment at their own facility i... 

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New entrance regulations at Masterplast Aschersleben site du...

2021 March 22

Visitors, logistics and service partners must register in a written form latest 1 working day before their arrival to our plant in Aschersleben and follow the below regulations during their stay.

Masterplast’s high-level contribution to defence against pan...

2021 March 19

Masterplast plays recently an active roll in fighting the pandemic by producing the raw materials of among others the protective glowns and face masks.

Masterplast enlarges nonwoven capacity with new Spunbond pla...

2021 March 17

The healthcare division of Masterplast may reach the level of the construction segment.